Biochar in Uttarakhand

TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011

From Biochar - Berinag
From Biochar - Berinag
From Biochar - Berinag
Biochar observed in the field, crop residue (wheat) and pine needle burnt.
From Biochar - Berinag
Charcoal from the stoves, as observed near the residences.
From Biochar - Berinag
Bichar and ash formed in the forests due to fire. Pine needles accumulated on the forest floor catch fire easily.
From Berinag to Khatgodam
The fields have turned dark due the biochar added to the fields sources: 
1. Burning of crop residue along with the pine needles and other biomass.
2. Biochar from cook stoves, added along with farm yard manure.
Biochar in parts of Uttarakhand

During my recent visit to parts of Uttarakhand : Khatgodam - Almora - Berinag - Ramgarh made the following observations on the biochar.